"Mean Girls" is aging like a fine wine -- for the most part.

After adapting her 2004 cult comedy for the Broadway musical of the same name that opened Sunday, the writer and actress has had plenty of time to think about how her film fits into today's world. She recently discussed the topic with Variety, explaining that overall, she hasn't seen "Mean Girls" lose its cultural relevance. That said, there is one aspect of the movie that has become outdated: the lack of social media.

"The movie was about relational aggression among women," Fey told Variety. "But now that behavior has really metastasized across our society, and you see it everywhere. You see it in people being horrible to each other on social media. So if anything, it's gone wider. It's such an escalation in the interpersonal arms race."

Fey has a point. A hard copy of the Burn Book just wouldn't be practical anymore. If "Mean Girls" took place in 2018, the Plastics would be busy tearing their female classmates -- and each other -- apart on Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. A Regina George (Rachel McAdams) with a social media obsession would be even more dangerous.

Still, the themes and lessons of the film remain relevant. "Mean Girls" might show its age a little, but that doesn't mean it isn't as fantastic as ever -- even Mariah Carey is still quoting it.

[via: Variety]