"Mean Girls" is easily one of the most quotable movies of its time -- just ask Mariah Carey.

The multi-Grammy winner recently saw a March 19 tweet from Katy Perry about a rumor about Carey. In response, Carey used a line from the iconic 2004 comedy. Naturally, it made for a priceless exchange.

The new "American Idol" judge had written that she once heard Carey "used to have puppies backstage ... to make her feel happy." It wasn't a criticism; she seemed genuinely thrilled by the idea.

While Carey unfortunately didn't clearly confirm or deny it, she did brilliantly write, "'That was ONE TIME!!!' (Name that [movie])."

The quote comes from a memorable scene in "Mean Girls" where the Burn Book has been released, and the girls of North Shore High School are reading what the Plastics wrote about them.

"'Made out with a hot dog'?" reads Amber D'Alessio (Julia Chantrey) about herself. "Oh, my god. That was one time!"

Perry, like fans, loved Carey's use of the quote in response to her tweet. She replied with a solid movie reference of her own, tweeting a GIF from "Wayne's World" of the two lead characters bowing and crying, "We're not worthy!" to Alice Cooper.

Hats off to these two. The pop stars really know their movies.

[h/t: EW]