Tina Fey's toughest critics might just be her daughters.

The comedian chatted with "Late Night" the evening after Meyers's second son was born (in his apartment's lobby, no less), and she did her best to prepare him for some of the trials of parenthood he hasn't yet faced. Specifically, she detailed what it's like sharing your work with them as they get older. For Fey, this has led to some undesirable but hilarious outcomes.

The actress and her husband, composer Jeff Richmond, have two daughters, Alice and Penelope, who are 12 and 6, respectively. With Alice proving to be a comedy lover, Fey hoped that she could get her eldest into the NBC sitcom she created and starred in, "30 Rock." Unfortunately, when Alice gave it a go, she came back with the criticism that it is "too weird." To add insult to injury, she loved "Parks and Recreation," which stars Fey's close friend Amy Poehler.

Fey hasn't tried to push "30 Rock" on Penelope yet, but her youngest did get to sit in on rehearsals while the "Mean Girls" musical was being made. Unfortunately, she didn't quite understand the spirit of the story. Instead of learning how to not be like the Plastics, Fey says, Penelope started playing "Mean Girls" at school and wanting to yell at people as Regina.

Watch Fey recount the entertaining stories below.

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