Ed Sheeran is not done with on-screen projects after his ill-received "Game of Thrones" cameo. This one seems more up his alley anyway. It's certainly a trippy premise, if the news from the Daily Mail can be believed.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Sheeran is in talks to appear in a new comedy written by Richard Curtis and directed by Danny Boyle. The tentative title is "All You Need Is Love," about a man who wakes up one day and finds he's the only person who can remember the songs of the Beatles. He'll reportedly appear on screen and write new music for the movie, which will also feature Beatles songs.

Here's some Ed love from "a source close to Working Title," the studio making the film:

"Everything Ed touches turns to gold. He is the biggest hit-maker on the planet. If anyone can make a film about the Beatles songs even better musically, it's him."

Deadline was more reserved on the news, just confirming that Sheeran was "in talks to make an appearance in Danny Boyle's upcoming music-themed comedy movie." They said the plot was being kept under wraps, and they didn't know if Sheeran would contribute to the score.

It's not even clear if he would be the character who wakes up remembering Beatles songs, or if he'd just appear in the movie and someone else would have that role.

Lily James ("Cinderella," "Baby Driver") is attached to star, alongside Himesh Patel ("Eastenders"). Kate McKinnon ("SNL") is said to be in talks too, Deadline reported, with filming scheduled for this summer.

Sheeran previously appeared in "Bridget Jones' Baby," "Undateable," "The Simpsons," "The Bastard Executioner," and "Home and Away." He also played a Lannister soldier last season on "Game of Thrones" and was a distraction to many viewers. Sorry, but he was.

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