It seems like every show on The CW is getting an actual musical), and next up on the docket is buzzy teen drama "Riverdale." The sophomore show is set to tackle tunes from the real-life Broadway flop "Carrie" (yes, based on the film version of Stephen King's horror novel), and now, fans have their first look at that oddly perfect mashup.

In anticipation for the episode's debut this week, the network released video of two full musical numbers from the show, featuring the songs "In" and "A Night We'll Never Forget." The first one opens the episode, and like the rest of the numbers that are featured in the installment, is woven into the plot of the episode itself, featuring the show's characters getting ready for the day, and then rehearsing "Carrie: The Musical."

The second clip features the cast backstage on opening night, fixing their hair and makeup and getting into costume. The lyrics just happen to match up with the anticipation of putting on a show (funny how that works out so well), before the ensemble takes the stage to perform the number for the crowd.

If you weren't excited about this episode before, we have a feeling these two numbers will change your mind. (Unless you're not a fan of musicals. Then we can't really help you.)

The special "Carrie: The Musical" episode of "Riverdale" makes its grand debut on The CW on Wednesday, April 18 at 8 p.m.