Los Angeles Premiere of 'Ready Player One'Steven Spielberg can now cross another achievement off the list. He has become the first director to make $10 billion at the worldwide box office.

His latest movie, "Ready Player One," pushed him across the line after grossed $475.1 million globally in three weeks of release.

Spielberg has long been considered one of the most commercial successful directors in Hollywood, with crowd-pleasing fare like "Jaws," the "Indiana Jones" franchise, and "Jurassic Park." The latter remains his biggest movie with a total of $938.8 million, followed by "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" with $786.6 million.

Of course, he balances those blockbusters with more serious movies, like his recent Oscar-nominated "The Post."

Running behind Spielberg are Peter Jackson (about $6.5 billion), Michael Bay ($6.45 billion), and James Cameron ($6.1 billion).

And the director is likely to add to his lead with an upcoming "Indiana Jones 5" and a remake of "West Side Story."

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June 20, 2018
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