The world premiere of "Avengers: Infinity War" was held in Los Angeles on Monday night, featuring the biggest stars of the MCU and plenty of excitement over the first chapter of the conclusion of the "Avengers" series. And according to those lucky attendees who got to see the film for themselves, the flick is both "everything you want, [and] nothing you expect."

The consensus from the stars, fans, and journalists in attendance was that the film, while perhaps a bit overstuffed (have you heard how many characters this flick features?!), is nothing short of "epic," and features an emotional rollercoaster that reaches heights of lightness, laughter, and triumphs, but also plenty of lows full of "emptiness" and "despair." Writer-director Kevin Smith declared the movie a "masterpiece" (and was apparently so high on the flick that he forgot about the very social media embargo pictured in his tweet), but also cautioned fans that "it's gonna be a looooong year until @Avengers 4..."

Check out some more hyperbolic reactions -- including some pretty clever emoji-only reviews -- below.

The full review embargo will be lifted at 6 p.m. EST tonight. Expect plenty more details from critics then (or, if you'd prefer to go into the film completely blind, you should probably keep off of the internet entirely until you can see the flick for yourself).

"Avengers: Infinity War" officially opens this Friday, April 27.

[via: Twitter Moments]