The bromance between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds is a love story for the ages. Jackman is Wolverine. Reynolds is Deadpool. They've been teasing and trolling each other since "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" came out in 2009.

Now Reynolds is busy promoting "Deadpool 2" -- which comes out May 18 -- and apparently he brings his Deadpool suit everywhere he goes, including to Jackman's hotel room.

"The Greatest Showman" star was trying to send someone a birthday message, and Deadpool jumped in with some "Annie" singing.

Awesome. That was truly the greatest show. But doesn't it get sweaty in that Deadpool suit? Not that he should take it off and make this hotel room visit even more intimate. And who did let the dogs out?

Jackman has been having huge success with "The Greatest Showman" -- especially the soundtrack. It's a safe bet he'll continue to help his buddy promote "Deadpool 2" in some way, whether at a premiere or through social media. That's what friends are for. [Cue next sing-a-long.]

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