Vancouver native Ryan Reynolds is getting some assistance from another Canadian superstar for upcoming sequel "Deadpool 2": Celine Dion has recorded a new song for the film's official soundtrack, and the Merc With a Mouth himself stars alongside the songstress in the music video.

If you're at all familiar with "Deadpool" and the marketing machine behind it -- led by Reynolds's willingness to do anything and mock anyone (most importantly himself) for a laugh -- then you already know that the video for "Ashes" is hilarious. What you may not expect, however, is that the song is a straight-up power ballad, exactly the type of tune you'd expect someone like Dion to belt out with all her might.

Of course, that level of self-seriousness isn't all that serious, especially when Deadpool takes the stage with the singer to dance his spandex-clad butt off. His leg lifts (revealing high-heeled boots) are pretty impressive, too.

Come for the hilarious juxtaposition. Stay for Celine's closing burn not-so-accidentally calling him a different super hero.

As Dion raved on Twitter, "Deadpool 2" is poised to be "the most insane ride of your life," and the singer promises "You'll be laughing your 'ashes' off!" Now that's the type of celebrity endorsement we can get behind.

The sequel opens on May 18.