An "Iron Man" suit used in at least one Marvel movie has been stolen.

Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson Rosario Herrera told The Hollywood Reporter the theft was reported from a Pacoima warehouse. The suit, worn by Robert Downey Jr., was valued in the mid-six figures. THR said other items were taken but no specifics were shared.

It's not clear which MCU movie or movies the suit was worn in -- from "Iron Man" in 2008 through its two sequels, three "Avengers" movies so far, and Tony Stark popping up in other characters' films.

The case is under investigation, with no current suspects.

What do you think the thief is doing with the suit? Wearing it around the house? Wouldn't it be hard to sell off to someone else when it's known to be stolen?

Marvel should tag in Jessica Jones to investigate. There are any number of possible supervillain suspects, or it could be a member of Tony Stark's own team. What if Pepper Potts or Happy just took it for some cleaning? Or Shuri grabbed it for more updates? Or Hawkeye took it because he was so mad at being left out? Or Thanos took it, since he's taking everything else? Or the "Ocean's 8" team took it on a practice run? Or Robert Downey Jr. just took it himself, figuring it was his anyway?

Or maybe -- this is probably it -- Ryan Reynolds took it as part of his constant "Avengers: Infinity War" trolling for "Deadpool 2" promotion.

The first "Iron Man" movie came out May 2, 2008, so it just celebrated its 10th anniversary. That was the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hopefully the suit can return home and keep celebrating the anniversary with the rest of the Marvel family.

RDJ will return as Tony Stark/Iron Man in "Avengers 4" in May 2019.

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