Sometimes, the merc with a mouth puts his foot in it.

In the latest "Deadpool 2" promo, star Ryan Reynolds, dressed as the oft-inappropriate superhero, decides he needs to make amends with soccer star David Beckham after insulting him in the past. The short video reminds fans of what went down: In "Deadpool," Reynolds's character claimed that Beckham sounds like he "mouth-sexed a can of helium" when he speaks. Now, Deadpool (or maybe Reynolds?) is shown feeling bad about his comment and ready to do what it takes to gain forgiveness.

Deadpool has his quirks, and it turns out that apologizing in style is one of them. The unconventional superhero shows up at Beckham's door not one, not two, but four times with grand gestures that ultimately put him back in his friend's good graces. It makes for a pretty entertaining promo, especially when they reconcile and we learn what Beckham smells like.

Watch Deadpool grovel below.

"Deadpool 2" opens in theaters May 18.