Fans of the rebooted "Queer Eye" series who've been desperately awaiting the premiere of season two are in luck: New episodes are set to launch on Netflix next month.

The streaming service revealed the exciting news on social media on Thursday, tweeting out a fun promo video -- in the guise of a group text between the new Fab Five -- that teased that the show would finally "give the people what they want" (a.k.a., additional episodes). And they're premiering in a matter of weeks.

"Can you believe?" the promo clip eagerly asks.

Many fans couldn't, reacting to the news with shock and overwhelming enthusiasm on Twitter. After all, "Queer Eye" only just hit Netflix in February of this year, so new episodes weren't expected to debut so soon.

But the eight-episode mini season was an instant smash with both critics and viewers alike, making a renewal a no-brainer for Netflix. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the new Fab Five dished about season two -- which will also consist of eight episodes -- and revealed that the new installments "will break from tradition — hence why 'for the Straight Guy' isn't part of the revival's title — and feature the show's first female and first trans male subjects."

Sounds shamazing. The new episodes will debut on June 15 on Netflix.

[via: Netflix/Twitter, Entertainment Weekly]