If the insane box office performance of "Avengers: Infinity War" wasn't already proof that Marvel fans are a rabidly loyal bunch, look no further than a rapper and gamer -- and MCU superfan -- named Nem.

Nem has been tweeting about his multiple visits to the multiplex to see "Infinity War" since it opened in April, and has already viewed the flick more than 40 times. (So that's how the film raced to $1 billion so quickly.) What started out as a seemingly innocuous pledge to see the flick numerous times -- something we're sure many fans say they'll do, but never actually follow through on -- became a quest with no end in sight.

He's been posting pics of himself inside the theater, as well as snaps of his ticket stubs, to prove that he's actually seeing the flick, sometimes twice in one day. And he's also been sporting some truly awesome Marvel gear while he's at it.

When Nem hit 42 views earlier this week, he officially went viral, becoming the subject of a Twitter Moment and getting some press from online news outlets. The buzz got the attention of IMAX, which donated 50 tickets to the fan -- who had already squeezed in a 43rd viewing during all of the hullabaloo -- to continue his journey. And it also reached none other than Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of "Infinity War," who personally reached out to Nem with an insanely awesome offer: An invite to the "Avengers 4" premiere.

In a video message to his followers, Nem called the crazy turn of events "a whirlwind of amazingness," adding, "I've only got eight lives left. I lost one life last night when I heard the news." He also said he would be celebrating in the most fitting way possible: By seeing "Infinity War" for the 44th time.

It's easy to be cynical about something like this, sneering at someone for wasting their time and money on such a silly pursuit. But we think Nem's unabashed enthusiasm is awesome, and wish him well on his mysterious, seemingly unending quest. (Also, Nem, if you've got a spare ticket to the "Avengers 4" premiere, you know where to find us.)