"Kick-Ass" may be taking different names in the future.

Matthew Vaughn, who directed the 2010 hit teen superhero movie, told Empire that he's planning on a reboot of the "Kick-Ass" film universe, which is based on Mark Millar's comic books.

"We're going to reboot Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl," Vaughn confirms. "Look what Mark Millar is doing with the comic for clues."

That seems to hint that Patience Lee, an African-American single mother will take on vigilante mantle. Vaughn also indicated that a Hit-Girl solo film is also in discussion and could focus on an older Mindy Macready (or even go back to her younger years training under Big Daddy).

Vaughn also discussed plans to expand the "Kingsman: The Secret Service" universe. A third movie in the original series is in development and will serve as "the conclusion of the Harry Hart-Eggsy relationship," the director said.

He's also working on a spin-off titled "Kingsman: The Great Game" that would explore the spy organization in the early 1900s. And also in the works is an eight-hour "Kingsman" TV show and a "Statesman" movie following the American agents played by Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges and Halle Berry.