Hell hath no fury like "Lucifer" fans scorned -- but heaven also has no hope like "Lucifer" fans waiting for salvation.

"Lucifer" was canceled by Fox after three seasons and two bonus episodes. Fans have been tweeting their hearts out, along with the stars, to try and get someone to pick up the show. Tom Ellis and other cast members have mentioned conversations with potential new networks, and now we're hearing that whatever happens has to happen by this Saturday, June 16.

That's the word from Lauren German (Detective Chloe Decker), who spoke during the "Lucifer" panel at Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne, Australia. Here's her #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer update, via ComicBook.com:

"It's beautiful. I can't tell you guys how hard it is to hear that the show is ending and then she and I come out here and see all of you and then online the hashtags and the petitions being signed and the campaigns that are going. We don't know that stuff's gonna happen. It just pops up and it's just, you know it's heartwarming, it's amazing, and I don't know if all of you know basically you know Fox has cancelled us, so we won't be happening on Fox, but there's a chance that a streaming network might pick us up and that would have to happen by June 16th. It's like we can't contractually audition for anything until June 16th and then, sadly, we are free to go after that. So, we're just praying, praying it happens."

She said something similar to The Iris of Australia:

"Now, I have heard, not to get anyone's hopes up or anything because I'm certainly am proceeding as if I'm looking for a new job but, I've heard that there is a chance a streaming channel could pick us up and we will hear about it by the 16th June. So, if it happens, amazing, and if not, you know, onward. Yeah, I was completely surprised that we didn't get a season 4. It just seemed like it was gonna happen and we've so much of a story left to tell and I do know that our set in L.A. have not been taken down yet so, you know, that's a good sign."

So June 16 is Cinderella's midnight. If the stars know what's happening (or not happening) at that point, they will probably pass the word straight on to the fans.

In the meantime, Lauren German retweeted notes like this one to keep fans pushing for a pickup:

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