MK3_2858.CR2Yes, "Bright" is getting a sequel. It got so much attention for the critics vs. fans divide, with many fans defending the Will Smith film, so of course Netflix is coming back for more.

David Ayer ("Suicide Squad") made "Bright," and he'll be back for "Bright 2," but first he's making the indie crime thriller "Tax Collector."

That's the news from Deadline, which added that Ayer also wrote the script for the movie, which films this summer in L.A., starring Shia LaBeouf and Bobby Soto.

Ayer previously directed LaBeouf in the 2014 war film "Fury."

Boyd "Bible" Swan (Shia LaBeouf) in Columbia Pictures' FURY.Deadline said "Tax Collector" is meant to take Ayer back to his gritty crime thriller roots, ala "End of Watch" (which he directed) and "Training Day" (which he wrote).

So that's coming up pretty fast. Stay tuned for more plot details and the eventual release date.

And then there's the "Bright" sequel, which Netflix confirmed in January. Meanwhile, "Suicide Squad" is also getting a sequel, but not with David Ayer.

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