LA Premiere of Netflix Films 'BRIGHT'Sorry, critics, but the future is still "Bright" at Netflix.

The streaming service just confirmed that a sequel film is in development. Variety reports that David Ayer will return to write and direct the second film, with stars Will Smith and (under a lot of orc makeup) Joel Edgerton also expected to return.

Speaking of orcs, to confirm the news, Netflix posted this goofy "audition" video:

"Leaked footage of Orc casting confirms the rumors: there will be a sequel to Bright."

Netflix doesn't release viewer numbers, but they did say "Bright" was the highest viewed original film in its first week of release. They also said "Bright" was the No. 1 movie on Netflix around the world, having more international viewers than domestic. Nielsen reportedly tracked the film's numbers, saying it was viewed by 11 million people in the U.S. over three days. That's just from TV viewership, not from watching on other devices, since Nielsen only tracks TV views.

"Bright" showcased the growing divide between critics and viewers -- with most critics trashing the film, while many fans (including John Boyega) praised it. We'll have to see if "Bright 2" gets the same reception.

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