"Baby Driver" is officially a year in our rearview, but the film's writer-director sounds ready for that to change.

Edgar Wright celebrated his action crime flick's one-year anniversary on Thursday with a tweet, and in it, he hinted at another ride with Baby (Ansel Elgort) in the near(ish) future. No sequel has been confirmed at this point, but Wright again showed that he's interested in one.

"'Baby Driver' was released one year ago today," he wrote. "Had a wild ride with it in the last 365 days. so I thank you for all your beautiful responses, it means everything. And who knows, maybe he could get back on the road soon..."

In the past, the writer-director has definitely been pro-"Baby Driver 2." He told Empire's podcast last July that "there's somewhere more to go with it in terms of the characters." Better still, in December, he shared that talks were already in progress, according to Slash Film.

The one-year anniversary of the release of "Baby Driver" would have been the perfect time to announce the sequel, but since Wright's tweet seems to hint the movie is coming at some point, we'll be happy with that ... for now.

[h/t: Slash Film]