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Marvel may be keeping Scarlett Johansson busy, but she still has room in her schedule for other projects.

The actress is starring in Rub & Tug, an upcoming Rupert Sanders-directed film that New Regency has won a bidding war for, according to Deadline. The production company beat out five rival bidders to buy the film's worldwide rights, putting the project on track to start production in February, per the publication's sources.

Johansson is set to play Jean Marie Gill, a woman who became a powerful criminal figure during the 1970s. Gill ran massage parlors but also prostitution and steroids rings, and was connected to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Notably, she cross-dressed to make her path easier. The heart of the story, though, will be her complex relationship with her girlfriend Cynthia.

With Sanders at the helm, Johansson will again be working with her "Ghost in the Shell" director. She'll produce the film alongside Joel Silver, Tobey Maguire, Matthew Plouffe, and Jonathan Lia, as well as Gary Spinelli, the writer of the script. The film comes from Silver Pictures, Material Pictures, and These Pictures, with Hal Sadoff, Ethan Erwin, Sarah Meyer, Brendan Koerner, and Richard Weinberg executive producing.

Johansson still has a much-anticipated standalone Black Widow movie to film, not to mention "Avengers 4," but we'll be happy to see her on the wrong side of the law in "Rub & Tug."

[via: Deadline]