Castle Rock


Call it Stephen King's Greatest Hits.

Hulu debuted the trailer for "Castle Rock," the upcoming anthology series based on the works of Stephen King, and it is chock-full of references to the author's most famous works.

It starts off with the introduction of Bill Skarsgard — but not playing Pennywise from "IT." Instead, he's an unnamed prisoner at Shawshank (from King's 1982 novella, later turned into a hit, Oscar-nominated movie).

He remains silent until he meets lawyer Henry Deaver (André Holland), then eerily asks, "Has it begun? Do you hear it now?"

That kicks off a series of Easter Egg flashes: Sissy Spacek (the star of "Carrie"), a nod to Cujo in the form of newspaper headlines about rabid dogs, a shot of the Juniper Hill Asylum, and more.

The cast also includes Melanie Lynskey, Jane Levy, Scott Glenn, and Terry O'Quinn. "Castle Rock" premieres July 25 on Hulu.