"Saturday Night Live" features plenty of bloopers during its live broadcasts (everyone breaking during an especially insane Kate McKinnon performance, for example), but there are lots of behind-the-scenes outtakes, too, thanks to the show's pre-taped digital content. And thankfully, the "SNL" team saved a bunch of them from the recently-wrapped 43rd season, and packaged them into one handy, hilarious blooper reel for your viewing pleasure.

The clip features a bunch of celebrity guest hosts (including just-announced Emmy nominees Donald Glover and Bill Hader) as well as regular cast members (fellow Emmy nominees McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, and Kenan Thompson) completely flubbing lines, or just straight-up dissolving into giggles. It's classic blooper reel stuff, and it's all pretty wonderful.

Some of the moments are expected (Thompson, Glover, and Chris Redd can't stop laughing about their ridiculous chains in the "Friendos" video), others are sort of awkward (Charles Barkley really enjoys using the F-word to express frustration). One of the most prescient mistakes comes at the tail end of the clip, when Bryant accidentally says "Welcome to sh*t" instead of "Welcome to hell" while filming the pop anthem send-up about female sexual harassment. Bryant's version of the line is pretty accurate, too.

Watch the clip above and just try not to bust out laughing yourself.