The "Detective Pikachu" movie is reportedly finding a new home. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the film is switching distributors from Universal Pictures to Warner Bros., with Warners taking a stake in the first live-action Pokemon movie.

This move is said to be the first step in a larger shift as production company Legendary Entertainment severs ties with Universal. Legendary originally had a distribution deal with WB until signing a four-year deal with Universal in 2013. THR indicates that new Legendary head Josh Grode is intent on finding a new distribution partner and that WB is the top candidate.

According to THR, Legendary and Universal are parting ways after a string of box office disappointments, culminating in this year's "Skyscraper." Assuming this split does take place, it's expected that "BlacKkKlansman" will be the final Legendary film distributed by Universal.

This studio shift isn't expected to impact "Detective Pikachu's" scheduled May 10, 2019 release date.