Drinks are on Al Swearengen!

It feels like the "Deadwood" cast and HBO brass have been talking about this movie since the late 1800s. Now it's finally happening.

HBO Programming president Casey Bloys confirmed the news Wednesday during the TCA summer press tour. HBO is officially moving forward on a movie, with filming set to start in October for a potential spring 2019 air date. Bloys said that spring premiere was not set in stone, so we're still waiting for a specific date.
Casey Bloys: "All of these people worked hard to get this together. It’s been a logistics nightmare getting all the cast members’ schedules together but we are there. It is greenlit."

Last fall, "sources" told TVLine HBO was aiming to film the movie this fall, so it sounds like that actually panned out.

At last year's TCA, Bloys praised "Deadwood" creator David Milch's script for the movie:
Casey Bloys: "The one thing that I was concerned about was I wanted a script that would stand on its own [for fans of 'Deadwood' fans and newcomers]. David totally delivered on that. I think it's a terrific script. If we can do it on a budget that makes sense for us, and if we can get the cast together, we're inclined to do it."

And now they're doing it. Daniel Minahan will direct the two-hour movie. The original cast is said to be excited to return. Sadly, we know Powers Boothe (Cy Tolliver) won't be back, since he passed away in May 2017.

Expect a lot more HBO news to come out today, from 2018 TCAs.

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