There is no generation that loves nostalgia more than '90s kids.

We can't get enough of it. If you were born in the '90s, you have to scream about it. It's the law!

These are the ten Twitter moments that probably had every 90s kid putting on N*SYNC and crying their shiny, blue eyeshadow off.

1. When two childhood worlds combined!

2. When the evil (almost) step-mom we loved to hate was still slaying.

3. When J.K. Rowling so politely took the time to make us cry. Again.

4. When we screamed "Can I keep you?!" at our phones.

5. When Aaron Carter made himself relevant again.

6. When Aaron Samuels appreciated October 3rd as much as we do!

7. When our main childhood crush just hit us right in the heart parts.

8. When Mandy Moore was the gift that kept on giving. Even in a bucket hat.

9. When we were all saved by the bell.

10. When RDJ gave us major 90s Tony Stark vibes.