Designing Women


These revivals will continue until morale improves.

Listen, "Designing Women" was a great show -- and this may be a fantastic revival, since it does have its series creator behind it -- but it's coming after so many other reboots and revivals that we're in deep fatigue.

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason created the Atlanta design sitcom, which ran for seven seasons on CBS from 1986 to 1993.

According to TVLine, Bloodworth-Thomason is shepherding the comedy revival; THR added that it has been in the works for months as Sony Pictures Television Studios searches for a home for the series.

It's not clear which OG stars might return, or even if it would be a true revival or some kind of reboot of the concept. Sadly, both Dixie Carter (Julia Sugarbaker) and Meshach Taylor (Anthony Bouvier) have passed away, so they're clearly out.

But Annie Potts (Mary Jo Shively) did tell Entertainment Weekly she would be interested in a revival of the series. Maybe Delta Burke (Suzanne Sugarbaker) and Jean Smart (Charlene Frazier-Stillfield) would return, too. Yes, there were some behind-the-scenes issues -- specifically with Delta Burke -- but maybe enough time has gone by that people feel differently. No? Yes?

Potts -- who now stars on CBS' "Young Sheldon" -- told EW in March that she'd love a "Designing Women" revival, although she wasn't sure when she'd have time for it:

"Every Monday night was a MeToo moment for us, and we were talking about it; we were very political. I’m sad that there’s not such a strong voice, I don’t think, in any singular show. Nobody is doing what we did then. So yeah, if [creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason] wanted to write six episodes and do it in my hiatus, I would be there in a minute."

Stay tuned for details as this develops. It's funny. "Designing Women." "Murphy Brown." "Will & Grace." "Roseanne."


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