In case you hadn't heard, Chris Pine goes full frontal in his new movie, "Outlaw King," in which he plays Scottish legend Robert the Bruce.

And that's pretty much dominating headlines about the movie, which premiered at the opening night of the Toronto International Film Festival.

In an article with the headline "Chris Pine’s Penis Dazzles Audience at Opening Night of Toronto Film Festival," Vulture told us just how much, er, "medieval bush" we can expect to see.

The sex scene that ensues can only be described as Wiseauean, both in the way the camera lovingly lingers on the male lead’s backside, and in its willingness to go on for a beat longer than is comfortable. It’s kicked off by a split-second shot where Robert disrobes, unveiling the full majesty of his medieval bush. It’s a level of nudity you don’t often see from male movie stars, and quite frankly, it makes Justin Theroux look like Buffalo Bill.

(If you don't remember your "Silence of the Lambs," serial killer Buffalo Bill's most memorable scene is when he tucked his manhood between his legs. So, ouch.)

We also later get another brief look at the "royal todger," as Vulture describes it, when Robert goes bathing in a lake.

Variety suggests Netflix is using Pine's "flash of celebrity flesh" to lure more subscribers to the site.

The carnage should sell itself, but will Netflix users sit through nearly two and a half hours for a flash of celebrity flesh? Cynically speaking, not only are the content company’s algorithms telling it yes, but it’s counting on thousands of new members signing up just for the privilege.

As far as the movie's other attributes, Vulture describes it as "the kind of movie you’d get if you tasked the world’s biggest 'Game of Thrones' fan with remaking 'Braveheart'... it’s a big, crowd-pleasing movie filled with big crowd-pleasing moments."

According to Vulture, however, the real scene-stealers are "Aaron Taylor-Johnson as a particularly bloodthirsty sidekick" and "the appropriately named Billy Howle as the future Edward II."

Variety disagreed, finding Taylor-Johnson's performance "maniacal" and the movie "a dreary chore to sit through" apart from the relationship between Robert and his second wife, Elizabeth de Burgh (Florence Pugh.)

The epic from "Hell or High Water" David Mackenzie, premieres on Netflix on November 9.

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