ESPN screenshot

Meryl Streep is the reigning queen of fantastic reaction shots, and she was back at it again this weekend while attending the US Open men's final.

The legendary actress -- who caused a similar stir earlier this year when she updated her own meme at the Oscars -- was in the crowd on Sunday, watching the tense showdown between Novak Djokovic and Juan Martín del Potro. And luckily for fans, there were plenty of cameras present to capture her roller coaster of emotions.

A bunch of images and clips (which were soon turned into GIFs -- thanks, internet!) quickly made their way across social media on Sunday as fans caught on to Meryl's presence in the stands, and her accompanying over-the-top reactions to the action unfolding on the court. Djokovic and del Potro certainly didn't disappoint, and neither did Streep.

The actress hammed it up when she realized she was on screen, holding up her beer to salute cheering fans. But it was her facial expressions when she didn't know anyone was looking that really stole the show, cupping her hands around her mouth to cheer (echoing her previous famous meme) and clapping her hands to the sides of her face in surprise and disbelief at an intense play. We're betting that that last one is going to get plenty of usage online.

Bless you, Meryl, for always being so delightful, both onscreen and off. If your talent for meme production is as fruitful as your talent for accruing Oscar nominations, we're in for an embarrassment of riches.