Hocus Pocus

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There's no excuse for not getting into the Halloween spirit this year.

Freeform is bringing some of the holiday's highlights to us all, all month long. The network decided to expand its 13 Nights of Halloween event to 31, so we've got an entire month's worth of spooky entertainment ahead. We've reached peak fall.

The 31 Nights of Halloween lineup is an eclectic mix of movies. Some of them are staples of the holiday such as "Hocus Pocus" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas." On the other hand, there are some decidedly tame family movies as well, like "The Parent Trap" and Disney's "Frozen." However, every night, there will be at least one creepy movie on.

Freeform's event makes sure to give people a lot of opportunities to watch and re-watch some of the classics. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" will air no less than eight times, while "Hocus Pocus" appears on the schedule more than 20 times leading up to Halloween. On the day of the holiday itself, there will be a "Hocus Pocus" marathon.

It's going to be a special holiday. The full 31 Nights of Halloween schedule is available here.

[h/t: EW]