It, Beverly Marsh, Sophia Lillis

Warner Bros.

Gretel finally gets top billing -- and alphabetical order prevails! -- in the new horror thriller "Gretel and Hansel." The reimagining of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale just cast Sophia Lillis, who is on a roll with the "It" movies and HBO's "Sharp Objects," plus an upcoming Nancy Drew film.

Here's what the horror thriller is about, via The Hollywood Reporter:

The story is described as being set a long time ago in a distant fairy tale countryside and focuses on a young girl who leads her little brother into a dark wood in desperate search of food and work, only to stumble upon a nexus of terrifying evil.

No word yet on who'll play the little brother, or a witch/witches/nexus of evil. "Gretel and Hansel" was written by Osgood "Oz" Perkins and Rob Hayes, and will be directed by Perkins ("The Blackcoat's Daughter").

This seems to be moving fast; THR said Orion is already prepping for fall filming in Ireland. (Side note: Sounds gorgeous -- this should be worth watching for the visuals alone.)

So far, Lillis has made a name for herself playing the younger versions of powerhouses Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams. This time, her character may be lucky to make it through adolescence.

The first "It" movie is currently the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. Lillis returns as younger Beverly Marsh in "It: Chapter Two," opening September 6, 2019. Lillis also has the lead role of Nancy Drew in the 2019 film "Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase."

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