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Barbra Streisand hasn't seen the new version of "A Star Is Born" in its entirety but what she's seen, she "really liked."

Streisand headlined the 1976 version of the film opposite Kris Kristofferson and won an Oscar for co-writing the song "Evergreen." The newest version stars Bradley Cooper (who also directed) and Lady Gaga.

"I haven’t seen it completed. Bradley [Cooper] did show me the opening," Streisand told the New York Times.

"I was surprised by how similar it was to my version. I loved how he used the drag bar. I thought that was new and interesting. What I’ve seen of the film I really liked."

Streisand previously gave her blessing to the project during a visit to the set.

“ Everybody was so excited she was there. We just looked at each other and were like, ‘Wow. How are we here right now?’” Cooper told Entertainment Weekly.

Gaga said, “She was so, so kind.”