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Good: Winning a Golden Globe and celebrating with Bill Murray. Not so good: Having vodka splashed in your eye.

Talking to Ellen DeGeneres about his Globes experience, Mahershali Ali, who collected a trophy for his role in "Green Book," laughed off the mishap.

As captured in a video for The Hollywood Reporter,  Murray is seen enthusiastically toasting Ali, "Green Book" director Peter Farrelly and costars Viggo Mortensen and Linda Cardellini. So enthusiastically, in fact, that he splashed some vodka right in Ali's face.

"Bill was toasting us," Ali told DeGeneres. "Bill toasted his glass on Viggo’s head, Linda’s head, and then toasts on my head and vodka spills all over my face and is running down into my eyes and in my mouth. And I’m doing the whole interview with an eye closed."

Ali, who doesn't drink in the first place said that getting vodka in the eye "felt like hot acid rolling down my face. But, "Hey, it’s Bill Murray!” he laughed.

Maybe Suntori Whiskey would have been less painful?

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