Brie Larson as Captain Marvel


Today's shareholder phone call with Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed hat "Captain Marvel" won't be going to Netflix. Ever.

Instead, the film, which debuts March 8, will be held for Disney's own streaming service, Disney+, which is expected to launch by the end of the year.

We knew that once Disney announced its own streaming service, the Marvel and Disney content on Netflix would go "poof." So stream those Marvel movies on Netflix while you can.

"In terms of making decisions about where content goes," Iger said, "since we are betting on this long-term we obviously need to fill it with intellectual property."

He did concede that having ABC shows like "Grey's Anatomy" on Netflix has helped build up the show's following. Does that mean it's leaving Netflix for Disney+?

Iger said he intends to "respect traditional windows," including Hulu (of which Disney will soon own 60%). So, one way or another, Disney will be profiting off your streaming dollars.

There'll be more info about Disney+  on April 11, when the company will demo the new Disney+ app. They haven't yet announced a launch date for the streaming service.

[Via Deadline]