"Catastrophe" is returning with all new headaches, heartaches, and hilarity for one last time.

Amazon released a trailer and announced that the relationship dramedy will return for a fourth and final season on March 15.

Season 4 will pick up where the show left off, after Rob (Rob Delaney) was in a car accident and revealed he had broken his sobriety to Sharon (Sharon Horgan). Now, Rob is going to AA, while Sharon tries to keep the family together.

Looming on the horizon is the funeral of Rob's mother (the late Carrie Fisher). As ever, their nutty friends Fran Ashley Jensen) and Chris (Mark Bonnar) are around to add even more weird drama to their lives. And this season, the cast adds Chris Noth, Michaela Watkins, and David Alan Grier to the mix.

The final season of "Catastrophe" has already finished airing in the U.K.