Warner Bros. Pictures

"Aquaman 2" is catching a wave into 2022.

Warner Bros. announced a release date for the sequel to its massive superhero blockbuster: December 16, 2022.

Jason Momoa is expected to return to star as the titular character. Writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is penning the script. And the studio hopes to lure director James Wan back to helm the sequel.

"Aquaman" has grossed more than $1.14 billion at the global box office, making it the biggest film in the DC Extended Universe.

The movie was such a smash success that Warner Bros. is also developing a horror-tinged spinoff called "The Trench" focusing on the deadly creatures that attack the hero in the first movie. And there are more possibilities for further extensions of the "Aquaman" world.

Next up for Warner Bros. is "Shazam!" opening April 5, and then Joaquin Phoenix's "Joker" movie in October.