Warner Bros.

The "Suicide Squad" is getting a new look — and not just because Idris Elba may replace Will Smith as Deadshot.

"Suicide Squad 2" will also introduce a handful of new characters to the villains-turned-heroes team, according to Collider.

One of those characters is Ratcatcher, who is a man named Otis Flannegan in the DC Comics. However, writer/director James Gunn is reportedly planning to gender-swap Ratcatcher to be a woman. The super criminal started out as an exterminator in Gotham City before turning into a super criminal and foe to Batman. She's aided by an army of small rodents.

Other new characters include:

  • Nanaue, aka King Shark, a villainous humanoid shark whose father is believed to be the so-called Shark God
  • Polka-Dot Man, aka Mister Polka Dot, who can turn the multi-colored polka dots on his body into fireballs and other weapons
  • Peacemaker, aka Christopher Smith, whose extremist form of pacifism means he would kill for peace.

Collider reports that Peacemaker is the role Gunn is eyeing for Dave Bautista, one of his cast members from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movies. Bautista strongly supported Gunn after he was fired from the franchise by Marvel/Disney for old offensive tweets.

Not much is known about which of the first movie's characters will return. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn was the breakout, but she's getting her own movie in "Birds of Prey."

"The Suicide Squad 2" is slated for release August 6, 2021.