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Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

The six stars of "Friends" live large in TV fans' hearts and memories and so, too, does Marcel the Monkey.

Matt LeBlanc recently appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to promote his sitcom "Man With a Plan," and the subject of "Friends" came up. At that point, Kimmel couldn't help but ask about the show's little primate, giving LeBlanc (Joey) the chance to share some cute stories about Marcel (whose real name is Katie).

After joking about trying to buy Katie, LeBlanc spilled that David Schwimmer (Ross) wasn't such a big fan of working with the monkey.

"I like animals. Yeah, the monkey was really cool," LeBlanc said. "Schwimmer not so much. ...  He's the one that had to work with it the most, so he was like, 'Again with the monkey?'"

LeBlanc continued to reminisce about working with Katie, telling a story about a time she misbehaved on set. Watch below. The conversation turns to "Friends" at 2:07 and to the monkey at 3:09.

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