Wreck-It Ralph

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

After a string of successful Disney movies, Rich Moore is leaving the Mouse House and headed to Sony Pictures Animation.

Moore is now set to develop, produce, and direct animated movies for SPA, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He has helmed films such as "Wreck-It Ralph" and its sequel, not to mention the Academy Award-winning "Zootopia."

SPA highlighted his track record as it announced the news Monday. The studio's president, Kristine Belson, described him as a "world-class storyteller ... with him a wealth of experience and a unique sensibility for story, comedy and heart." She also noted that they look forward to working with him on "a slate of animated features that are big, bold and will take audiences by surprise."

Although Moore moved on from Disney Animation Studios, he made it clear he is grateful for the decade he spent there. "I remain a lifelong Disney Animation fan and look forward to the films they’ll create in the future," he said.

Between the two studios (plus others), we should have a lot of great animated films to look forward to.

[via: THR]