Mr Robot


The final season of "Mr. Robot" is incorporating a hack from British television.

Creator Sam Esmail revealed the structure for Season 4 during a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival. It'll follow Oscar winner Rami Malek's Elliot Anderson during the most wonderful time of the year — Christmas.

"Is anybody here a fan of British television?” he asked. "Typically how [British shows] wrap up series, like the British 'Office,' you tend to do a Christmas special.

"So the final season of 'Mr. Robot' is one very long Christmas special that will last about a week over Christmas of 2015."

Yes, 2015. That is the year the USA drama first premiered and the timeline within the show hasn't moved forward much. So, that means the 2016 presidential election hasn't happened, Donald Trump isn't in the White House, and Russia's hacking of the election is yet unknown.

Esmail said keeping the story in 2016 is intentional.

“The tagline for the first season was, ‘Our democracy has been hacked.’ A year later it happens,” Esmail noted. "In the writer’s room [for Season 4], we’re continuing to let current events inspire us, and that’s what feels relevant."

He continued, "The show is still set in 2015 for this reason. The technology will always look dated, but we specifically said, this is about 2015, so it’s almost like a period piece for current day.”