Ready to run?

The first trailer for the CG/live-action hybrid "Sonic the Hedgehog" movie is here, with the classic video game character displaying the incredible speed he's famed for.

The blue speedster (voiced by Ben Schwartz) teams up with a small-town sheriff (James Marsden) when a power surge causes a blackout in the Pacific Northwest. They face off against Dr. Robotnik, a dastardly scientist/mastermind played with a great deal of hamminess by Jim Carrey.

Turning video games from the '90s into movies is in vogue right now, with "Detective Pikachu" set to unleash the Pokemon upon moviegoers in May. Sonic was an incredibly popular character, helping to propel Sega as one of the leading video game companies of that era.

Sonic's new look has already been leaked, to dubious reception. Time will tell if nostalgia can surpass that initial reaction.

"Sonic the Hedgehog" opens in theaters November 8.