Hit Freeform series "Siren" will continue its song: The thriller about a mermaid who wreaks havoc on a small coastal fishing town has been renewed for an additional season.

"Siren" has been a hit for the cable network, pulling in enough mesmerized viewers during the first half of its second season to make it Freeform's number one show -- not only among female viewers ages 18-49, but among all adult viewers ages 18-49. That's likely why Freeform handed out the renewal even before season two's midseason premiere, which is set to air next month.

The series debuted back in March of 2018, and centers araound Ryn (Eline Powell), a mysterious young woman who pops up in Bristol Cove, a town that local legend says was once the home of mermaids. Turns out that Ryn is one of them, and when she meets two local marine biologists, they get drawn into her world.

Here's the breakdown of what's in store for the rest of season two, according to the network:

In season 2, Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evings-Akingbola) are uncertain about the mermaids’ future after the deadly consequences of the attack on the oil rig and, with the mermaids returning to sea, are left feeling lost without Ryn. Once Helen (Rena Owen) learns she’s not the only one of her kind, she discovers there is a dark side to her people’s past.

The midseason premiere of "Siren" is set for June 13 on Freeform.

[via: Deadline]