The "Game of Thrones" series finale lays under a heavy veil of secrecy and two new photos released by HBO ... don't change that at all.

Not that Season 8's pre-episodic stills have revealed much of anything. But this time, there are only two of them, and both are images seen in the finale trailer. 

The photo above is a shot from behind Daenerys Targaryen as she surveys the destruction she and her dragon Drogon wrought in the penultimate episode, "The Bells." She is flanked by the ever loyal Unsullied while fires continue to burn in the distance. Long live the Mad Queen?

The other still features Tyrion Lannister, her Hand of the Queen, looking extremely troubled as he makes his way through the rubble-strewn streets of King's Landing. Does he yet know that his brother Jaime and sister Cersei perished in each other's arms as the Red Keep crumbled?


"The Bells" notched a series-high rating with 18.4 million viewers, but received a ton of backlash on social media — and even labeled as possibly the worst episode of the entire series. 

The series finale caps eight seasons and 73 episodes of HBO's award-winning fantasy drama. Written and directed by series creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss, the 80-minute untitled episode airs May 19 at 9 p.m.