Tanne Willow

Hollywood hasn't heard much from Kathy Griffin since that infamous 2017 photo shoot in which she posed with a severed head that resembled the president; the comedian was blackballed over the incident, and hasn't booked a TV or movie gig since. But Griffin used that experience to fuel her latest project, which marks her return to the big screen.

Variety reports that Griffin will be releasing "A Hell of a Story" for a one-night only theatrical run this summer. The film was shot at the end of her recent "Laugh Your Head Off" tour, and features the comedian's commentary on the photo flap, which led to her being denounced by both the right and the left, and a Secret Service investigation into her potential involvement in an assassination conspiracy. (Griffin maintains that the photo was meant to be a joke, though she admitted at the time that it "went too far.")

The comedian produced and financed "A Hell of a Story" herself, and a version of the film debuted to positive reviews at the SXSW film festival earlier this year. The updated version that will play in theaters includes new documentary footage interspersed throughout her comedy set, according to Variety.

“I am so excited to be announcing my first-ever theatrical release,” Griffin said in a statement. “I’m honored to be given the opportunity to showcase my comedy and the raw behind-the-scenes-footage of the last two years. The film pulls back the curtain for a gritty, unapologetic look at this era of cultural chaos and Trumpism. You’re going to hear things in this film you’ve never heard before—and it’s funny as hell.”

Fathom Events is partnering with Griffin for the release, which is set for July 31.

[via: Variety]