Patrick J. Adams is putting a different kind of suit — an astronaut's.

The former "Suits" star is starring in National Geographic's drama "The Right Stuff," based on Tom Wolfe's bestselling book about NASA's Project Mercury astronauts. He'll play Major John Glenn.

The first season of "The Right Stuff" starts at the height of the Cold War, after the Soviet Union successfully launched the Sputnik satellite into orbit. That ignites the space race and Project Mercury makes instant celebrities of the seven astronauts and their families, becoming America's first "reality show."

Glenn is a revered test pilot and committed family man with unwavering principles. He is the only astronaut to have experienced fame before Project Mercury, and he immediately locks horns with Alan Shepard in an unrelenting fight to be the first man in space. Ed Harris played Glenn in the 1983 film adaptation.

Subsequent seasons of "The Right Stuff" will follow the Apollo Space Program missions, which culminated with the historic achievement of man setting foot on the moon.

This will be Adams' first full-time TV gig since leaving USA's "Suits" after Season 7, at the same time as his on-screen love interest, Meghan Markle.