Ian Ziering in Sharknado

The Asylum; Syfy Films

More unnatural disasters are coming. Ian Ziering and his "Sharknado" director Anthony Ferrante are looking to launch another Syfy TV movie franchise. The actor is set to star in and produce "Zombie Tidal Wave," which Ferrante will direct, THR reports.

Ferrante co-wrote the script with Darby Parker and Josh LeBlanc based on a story by Ziering and "Sharknado" writer Thunder Levin. As the title suggests, it centers on hordes of the undead sweeping in. Ziering will play Hunter Shaw, a veteran soldier who helps his island community after the unusual tsunami crashes down on them.

The outlandish premise certainly lives up to that of "Sharknado." Still, "Zombie Tidal Wave" has big shoes to fill. After premiering in 2013, "Sharknado" grew into a six-film franchise with a cult following.

The upcoming film is produced by I.Man Productions and Stronghold Entertainment. Producers include Wonderfilm Media Corp.'s Kirk Shaw and Imprint Entertainment's Michael Becker.

"Zombie Tidal Wave" will premiere Aug. 17 during Syfy's "Off the Deep End Weekend." The programming will also include all six Sharknado films.

[via: THR]