After the grim box office fate of the "Hellboy" reboot, star David Harbour was probably looking to have a little fun for his next project. Enter "Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein," a quirky mockumentary project that looks every bit as silly as its name implies.

Once again teaming with Netflix, Harbour -- who also stars in the streaming service's buzzy series "Stranger Things" -- plays a fictional version of both himself and his father, who writes and performs in the ridiculous titular made-for-TV play. Initially setting out to learn more about his mysterious dad, Harbour soon uncovers some disturbing secrets, including an intense rivalry with a fellow actor, and a connection to the mob.

But such shocking discoveries are played for laughs, as is the "footage" from the teleplay, which features Harbour acting as his own father, who in turn is acting as outlandish as possible. It's a bit confusing, but hilarious nonetheless.

The official logline notes that audiences can "Expect the unexpected in this over-the-top and often dramatic(ish) reimagined tale of mystery and suspense." Sounds about right.

"Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein" also features appearances from Alfred Molina, Kate Berlant, and other special guests. It premieres on Netflix on July 16.