Marvel's "Falcon and Winter Soldier" series has added a new member to the team.

"John Wick" creator Derek Kolstad is joining as a writer on the limited series for Disney+, according to The Wrap.

The series stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan reprising their movie roles as Sam Wilson aka Falcon and Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier.

Emily VanCamp and Daniel Bruhl are in talks reprise their roles as Sharon Carter and Helmut Zemo

Marvel recently tapped Kari Skogland ("The Handmaid’s Tale") to direct from a script by Malcolm Spellman ("Empire"). It's unclear if Kolstad is joining a writers' room or if he's been hired to pen scripts on his own. He certainly has a knack for writing explosive action sequences, as evidenced in the blockbuster "John Wick" series.

As for "Falcon and Winter Soldier," not much is known about the plot. It's possible that it will follow Sam Wilson taking on the mantle of Captain America. At the end of "Avengers: Endgame," the elderly Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) gave Sam his shield.