If you thought turning "Mortal Kombat" into a movie was a challenge (a new version is due in 2021), then what about a classic, plot-free video game like "Space Invaders"?

New Line just hired Greg Russo, who wrote the upcoming reboot of "Mortal Kombat," to draft a script.

While it's associated with the '80s, the arcade game actually debuted in 1978. If you've never played it, it involved stopping a series of aliens by blasting them as they attempted to reach earth.

With the current  wave of 80s nostalgia, it might easily be set in the same decade as monster hit "Stranger Things."  Best guess: Something like 1984's "The Last Starfighter," in which a teen's skill with video games helps him save the universe.

Or they'll hire a macho action hero like The Rock and just make a routine alien invasion movie.

Russo is making a career out of turning video games into movies. He's adapting the video game franchise Saints Row for F. Gary Gray to produce and direct. He also rewrote the "Resident Evil" reboot at Constantin Film and Sony.

[Via Deadline]