Bleecker Street

Steven Soderbergh loves working with a low profile, so it shouldn't really be a surprise that he's making a secret movie.

According to The Playlist, Soderbergh's new project is titled "Let Them All Talk" and production started this week.

The filmmaker already released one film this year, "High Flying Bird," on Netflix and will roll out another, "The Laundromat" this fall. The latter stars Meryl Streep and it seems the collaboration went well, since Streep is involved with this secret project. "Crazy Rich Asians" star Gemma Chan is also on board.

Soderbergh has been hinting on Twitter that he's working on something new:

The one detail that is known about the movie is that it will be the first to use the new RED digital camera, the Komodo Dragon, which was apparently rushed to production to make it available for Soderbergh's new project.

RED Digital Cinema president Jarred Land revealed on Instagram that "an impossible request" had come in and his team worked around the clock to complete it. The new camera is also expected to be used by David Fincher on his upcoming film "Mank."