Vince Vaughn; Kathryn Newton

HBO; Jennifer Clasen/HBO

There's an untitled Blumhouse thriller on the way that involves a strange, scary tale of body-swapping.

Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton will star in the Chris Landon-directed flick, Deadline reports. Their characters will be the ones who end up swapped. Newton's, a high school girl, will have the horror of finding out she's in the body of a deranged serial killer (Vaughn).

The screenplay was co-written by Landon and Michael Kennedy. It will follow the teen as she discovers she only has 24 hours to switch back. After that point, she'll be stuck in the serial killer's body.

Newton tweeted after the news broke Thursday that "this is going to be so wild!" That sounds like an accurate description to us. The idea of being in a serial killer's body is scary enough, and it's even worse when you realize him being in yours could pose a serious threat to your friends and family. Chilling, right?

Vaughn has played a criminal before. He previously starred in HBO's "True Detective." More recently, he starred in "Seberg," which hits the Venice Film Festival on Aug. 30. He was also in "Fighting With My Family," which opened earlier this year. Meanwhile, Newton has appeared in two seasons of HBO's "Big Little Lies" and is one of the stars of the Netflix series "The Society." She was also in "Detective Pikachu," which hit theaters in May.

The upcoming thriller will be produced by Jason Blum. So far, no release date has been announced.

[via: Deadline]