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In the first clip from the movie "Hustlers," Jennifer Lopez demonstrates some classic stripper pole moves to costar Constance Wu.

There's the "carousel," the "Peter Pan" (with one leg hooked around the pole), not to the mention the "fairy sit," and "stag" and "reverse stag."

They all require some serious abs, which the 50-year-old Lopez has in spades.

Wu's character looks on doubtfully, saying, "I can't do that," which is pretty much what we're thinking.

"You can do this. Every girl has muscles to do this," insists Lopez. If you say so, J-Lo!

In the film, which is based on a true story, they play strippers who team up to hustle their wealthy Wall Street clients.

The movie opens September 13. It's expected to debut with at least $25 million.

[Via EW]